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What Our Customers Say

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Roof Replacement

Review by Alecia W. in Gaston, OR

Excellent price. Tear off, repair and new roof completed in one day. Ramon is prompt, courteous, clear, and professional. Nice people, good crew. Whole thing was painless and highly rec these guys.

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Roof Wash & Moss Removal

Review by Mike S. in Scappoose, OR

They really took the time to ensure the job was done right and that I was completely satisfied. I'll continue to use them for projects like this going forward.

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Roof Replacement

Review by Adriana F. in Fishhawk Lake, OR

I was looking for a company that worked near the Vernonia area and am so happy that I found them. They did a great job installing a new roof on our house. Extremely accommodating, easy to work with, punctual, and professional. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend Spruce Up Northwest.

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Roof Wash and Minor Repair

Review by Mike F. in Portland, OR

They were great and did all the little extra jobs on our roof for a reasonable cost - a full service outfit!

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Roof Replacement

Review by Nick T. in Scappoose, OR

We had Ramon come up and quote us a roof tear off and replacement including 7 skylights. He was our 3rd bid. He was very competitive pricewise and gave us a 40 year roof where the other were quoting 30.

Now for the work. His crew started tear off on a Friday and had it completed in just one day. This is where I had my concern - just how much debris would end up in the driveway, lawn and landscaped areas ?
I came home from work and his guys were hand carrying the old roofing up and over the roof into a dump trailer. They were very conscientious. You couldn't have filled half a trashcan with what ended up on the ground after the tear off. They also cleaned up several times during the day and they always cleaned up before leaving. I went out a couple times and started picking up a bit and I was always told "we'll clean up"
They also made several sweeps around the entire site with a magnet to pick up and nails after they were done
On to the roof - Malarkey Vista AR 40 year roof shingles, Artic Seal barrier roofing felt and even leaded pipe vent flashing (no silicone rubber booted flashing to rot out in 15 - 20 years) and Velux skylights. all top shelf material.
His crew started Saturday morning , on site promptly at 7 am. They had the garage half of the front and almost the entire back of the house roofed on Saturday. They peaked out Sunday and installed the ridge vent.
I even asked if they would sheet my woodshed and roof it since they were here and they knocked that out in about 3 hours. Probably the only guy with a woodshed with a 4o year in the neighborhood !
49 square tear down and replacement in 3 days seems pretty impressive to me.
These guys totally rocked this job ! I was and still am very impressed with the quality of work they did !
For a roof replacement I can't recommend Ramon and Spruce It Up Northwest highly enough


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